Our Story

We all came together from different cities across the U.S. to meet at mastermind group. We were a group of individuals with the same goal: to do more. We wanted freedom of time, and freedom of money, so that we could follow our passions. It just happened to be that our collective passion was to help other people. Service is at the center of our hearts, and we built a team of other like minded individuals. Our goal is to provide quality service to our investors, our tenants, our employees, and provide value to the communities our assets are in. Each one of us is a coach, volunteer, mentor, teacher, caregiver, or philanthropist with the motto: “those who can do more, should.”

If your heart and soul wants to find a way to do more with your investments, so you can have the freedom to do more in your families and communities, please contact us and see how we can help serve you.

-The Growth VUE Team