Risk Averse: Safe & Consistent Returns

Overview: We are a legacy real estate platform and as a group we are a long term holder of cash producing assets that increase in cash flow and equity over time. We buy and hold long term Garden Style, B class multifamily apartments that drive safe and consistent returns, and plan to hold on to them forever-or at least until a better opportunity arrives. Our 2025 assets under management goal is $100 million.

We only work with investors who share our same ideology and approach, and who are committed to long term wealth development. Investors who chase egregious returns, and quick turnarounds are not a good fit for Growth VUE Properties.

Our investors care about 3 things:

  1. Capital preservation

  2. Cash Flow

  3. Increase in Equity

Investment Strategy: Our approach is conservative and risk averse. We buy a specific type of asset, at a specific size, in a specific type of market that caters to the largest segment of renters-workforce housing. As an asset class, large commercial multifamily is innately risk averse due to the size and scale. Simply put, large commercial apartments are diversified cash flow machines, because they are more operationally more efficient. When an apartment has more units it enhances the economics by lowering management, maintenance and marketing costs, and insulating the property from vacancy & market fluctuations. Additionally, we only buy properties that are in strong cities with diverse economies, low unemployment, strong population growth, good schools, low crime, strong income growth, and 100 units or more in size. In turn, we gain access to superior lending, non-recourse debt, and professional property management who care for our properties.

As your asset manager, my number one focus is to provide a proven and secure asset the drives safe and consistent returns. Choosing the right asset, in the right market, and at the right scale-is the best way to buy large commercial multifamily properties and insulate our risk as an investment group. In addition, buying at such a large scale enhances the economics of the deal for everyone involved: the investors, the property managers and the renters. Hands down, there is no better asset class for building wealth, than real estate. However, most people don't have the time, energy, knowledge or desire to do the work. Therefore, we find, negotiate and manage real estate assets for our investors to give them back their time and grow their wealth.