Why Invest in Commercial Multifamily Real Estate

Minimizing Risk is A Crucial Part Of Maximizing Reward

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Strong Safety Profile

Multifamily investments are a great way to mitigate risk and diversify your portfolio. In the past 20 year commercial multifamily real estate has proven to have the best risk adjusted returns when comparing it to any other asset classes including the stock market, bonds, and other real estate asset classes.



Syndication gives investors an effective way to invest in large assets they would otherwise be unable to attain by themselves. Essentially, crowdfunding large commercial real estate gives you easy access to join other passive, accredited investors in a transaction that is managed by professional asset managers; while receiving the same financial fundamentals of a deal.

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Demographic Cycles

Multifamily investments are not determined by seven to eight year economic cycles. They are controlled by demographic cycles that last 30-40 years long.

  • The largest age group that rents is 20-34 year olds
  • There are over 67.5 million people aged 20-34 in U.S.
  • Currently, 60-70% of those people rent
  • These numbers are expected to grow for the next 30 years
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Unmatched Track Record

Commercial multifamily investments have proven there worth over and over again. Since 2000 real estate ownership has almost doubled that of stock ownership. Not only has it out performed stocks but it is less volatile as well as a reliable hedge against inflation. They have historically low interest rates because they are artificially controlled by the FED.