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In this issue of the Multifamily Market Report we are going to take a look at the current state of Commercial Real Estate, the current state of the economy, and answer the questions: How is multifamily holding up during an election year and The COVID economy?

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Growth Vue Properties and Trion Holdings have entered into a joint partnership by which they will pursue a multi-family property for acquisition in 2020. Trion Holdings and Growth Vue have committed $10 million to this joint partnership and look deploy capital in 2020.

Growth Vue Properties was established in 2019 with the backing of private investors to identify, acquire and manage a multi-family property. Growth Vue Properties is a long term holder of stable, cash producing assets that increase in cash flow and equity over time; focused specifically on light to moderate value add opportunities. Our team has north of $1 billion of combined investment experience and our acquisition & asset management advisory has over $4.4 billion in multifamily portfolio asset management & disposition experience.

Trion Holdings is a vertically integrated real estate investment firm that acquires undervalued and value-add multi-family properties. Trion has invested in, managed and sold over $700 million of assets over the past 40 years. Trion has developed a...

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Over the course of the last two weeks, we have experienced extreme levels of volatility in our economy, society and the stock market.

The threat from a systemic spread of the coronavirus and the resulting disruptions to supply chains and consumer demand, combined with the oil price conflict between Saudi Arabia and Russia, sent the US equity market in to a tail spin. More specifically, the S&P 500 declined 19% from it's all-time high on February 12th and on the same day, trading was briefly halted for the first time since 1997.


Investors want to know if the new real estate tax laws will help or hurt them. In short, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 will be a boon to the industry. But to understand why, we need context around the U.S. tax code before we get into the specifics of the new real estate tax law.

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The best risk management plan, is to fully understand your risk, your stop loss and your exit, before entering the trade.


  • When deciding to pursue multifamily, there were 5 features that we wanted to know.
  1. Is the market big enough?
  2. Is the product better or cheaper – sometimes both – than other companies assets in the space?
  3. Can the business be scaled quickly and exponentially?
  4. Is there a significant advantage that makes it tough for competitors to succeed?
  5. Will the investment be worth a lot more over time than it is today?
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As a group we are a long term holder of stable, cash producing assets that increase in cash flow and equity over time. We buy and hold long term multifamily apartments that drive safe and consistent returns, and plan to hold on to them forever-or at least until a better opportunity arrives. We only work with investors who share our same ideology and approach, and who are committed to long term wealth development. Investors who chase egregious returns, and quick turnarounds are not a good fit for Growth VUE Properties.

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Multifamily housing is driven by 30-40 year long demographic cycles and the demand for apartments is not slowing down. Over the next 20 years we are going to come up short.


We love the fundamentals on the South (MSAs) markets. In this article I'll break down why we like markets in the South, like: San Antonio, Dallas and Houston, Raleigh, Charlotte.


Winter is coming. Don't be afraid of the market, just be prepared. Sitting on the sidelines is worse than being in the game; but be smart and buy the right asset. I am moving my business and networth in to commercial multifamily.