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For anyone to understand the value, diversification and time freedom of real estate syndications you must understand what a real estate syndication sponsor does. When deals are put together in the syndication world there are two types of partners; the General Partner (GP) and the Limited...


If you are new to real estate or want to get started in commercial multifamily syndications, you may have heard there are accredited investor laws that prohibit you from taking part in these deals that always seem to be exclusively available to the wealthy.

There are two types of Reg D...

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There is always a fee and cost when investing in a real estate syndication deal. Today I want to break down a few different fees you will encounter when investing with a General Partner (sponsor) on a real estate syndication.

You will find fees at different times of an investment. The fees...


There have been many headlines lately about Blackstone and Investment firms buying up single family homes. There was an interesting write up by Slate covering some of the specifics and...

4 real estate syndication strategies

When you are analyzing sponsors and who to invest your capital with, you should know the strategy of that sponsor. Some sponsors will be a great fit for you and some will not. Today I am going to break down just a few of the most common real estate strategies.



A few years ago a wealthy friend of mine told me, “the richest people on the Forbes 500 are tech ceos at the top, big business owners in the middle, and at the bottom, real estate investors”. His message stuck with me. It humbled me and made me think about the long term strategy and hands off...

Debt vs Equity

One of the many ways to invest in real estate is through a syndicate. A syndicate is essentially a group of investors who join together to accomplish an investment goal. There are two types of syndicates I want to cover today and those are debt syndications and equity syndications.

In a...


Waterfalls, this is a fun title for something so simple. A waterfall is basically how profits will be broken down and divided among investors and a sponsor in a syndication. When sponsors put together an apartment syndication deal, they make their money by splitting cash distributions with the...

performance indicators in apartment syndication investing

When you invest capital with a real estate syndication group there are a myriad of performance indicators that are used for an informative look as to what you can expect to get in return for your investment. Below is a breakdown of the 4 of the most common performance indicators you should be...


When you talk to a real estate syndicator, they should be focused on a specific property class asset. At Growth Vue we place our focus on B Class apartments with 100+ units that were built between the years of 1981 and 2009, as well as C Class properties with 250 units are more with room for...