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Why Real Estate?

Since 2000 ownership of real estate has outperformed the stock market by nearly 2x. NCREIF Property Index (NPI Index) has shown a 10.7% annual return compared to the 6.14% annual return from the S&P 500.


Why Multifamily?

There is no substitute for food, shelter or clothing; which makes commercial multifamily real estate 100% evergreen. Since the Great Depression, commercial multifamily has had 3 times less down years compared to both the stock and bond markets.


Invest Now

Once you understand how multifamily investing works and the historically strong demographics supporting this asset class we believe you’ll see what we see – that multifamily apartments should be a fundamental component of your investment strategy.

Passive Income = Freedom

Hands down, there is no better asset class for building wealth, than real estate. That being said, in most instances building wealth through real estate is a very hands on investment to which most people don't have the time, energy, knowledge or desire to do. So how do you build wealth and scale up in real estate, without having to use your time building a real estate business? Leave that to us. We find, negotiate and manage real estate assets for our investors. Our mission is to help our investors secure the ultimate asset - Time.

How it Works


1. Market Selection

We identify and evaluate stable markets and desirable neighborhoods throughout the United States with consistently strong historic as well as projected long-term multifamily performance.



2. Acquisition

After a comprehensive property evaluation process, we acquire a 100 or more unit apartment that has the potential for steady cash flow and appreciation in their first year and beyond.



3. Operations

We partner with the best property management teams in each of our markets to improve occupancy, increase gross income, decrease expenses, and maintain or improve property grade.



4. Liquidity & Distribution

Cash flow is our #1 focus. Through sound operations & property improvements we have the ability to increase property value & yield, through forced appreciation/property improvements.


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In this issue of the Multifamily Market Report we are going to take a look at the current state of Commercial Real Estate, the current state of the economy, and answer the questions: How is multifamily holding up during an election year and The COVID economy?

As always if you have questions please contact samson@thegrowthvue.com

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Growth Vue Properties and Trion Holdings have entered into a joint partnership by which they will pursue a multi-family property for acquisition in 2020. Trion Holdings and Growth Vue have committed $10 million to this joint partnership and look deploy capital in 2020.

Growth Vue Properties was established in 2019 with the backing of private investors to identify, acquire and manage a multi-family property. Growth Vue Properties is a...

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Over the course of the last two weeks, we have experienced extreme levels of volatility in our economy, society and the stock market.

The threat from a systemic spread of the coronavirus and the resulting disruptions to supply chains and consumer demand, combined with the oil price conflict between Saudi Arabia and Russia, sent the US equity market in to a tail spin. More specifically, the S&P 500 declined 19% from it's all-time...

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The best risk management plan, is to fully understand your risk, your stop loss and your exit, before entering the trade.


  • When deciding to pursue multifamily, there were 5 features that we wanted to know.
  1. Is the market big enough?
  2. Is the product better or cheaper – sometimes both – than other companies assets in the space?
  3. Can the business be scaled quickly and exponentially?
  4. ...
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Multifamily housing is driven by 30-40 year long demographic cycles and the demand for apartments is not slowing down. Over the next 20 years we are going to come up short.


We love the fundamentals on the South (MSAs) markets. In this article I'll break down why we like markets in the South, like: San Antonio, Dallas and Houston, Raleigh, Charlotte.

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As a group we are a long term holder of stable, cash producing assets that increase in cash flow and equity over time. We buy and hold long term multifamily apartments that drive safe and consistent returns, and plan to hold on to them forever-or at least until a better opportunity arrives. We only work with investors who share our same ideology and approach, and who are committed to long term wealth development. Investors who chase...


Winter is coming. Don't be afraid of the market, just be prepared. Sitting on the sidelines is worse than being in the game; but be smart and buy the right asset. I am moving my business and networth in to commercial multifamily.